3 Devices You Should Start Your Smart Entertainment Setup With

by Berns Agency Real Estate 05/12/2022

Building a home entertainment system isn't usually done overnight. It takes time to decide what speakers you want, whether you still need a DVD player in the digital age and how to configure your streaming device based on what you like to watch. We'll look at a few devices that will bring your entertainment system up to where you want it to be. 

Smart TVs 

A smart TV will connect to the internet and support a variety of popular applications, including social media, video games and standard streaming services. You can link a smart home assistant to a smart TV to make it even easier to access the entertainment you want. Instead of searching for the remote, you can just as easily call out to your assistant to browse shows, channels and apps as you'd like.

Smart TVs can even serve as a hub for additional home automation technology, such as your lights or locks. So if you wanted to double-check that the house was secured before you start movie night and dim the lights for optimum viewing, you could flip over to your monitor channels or apps and then back to your movie night on the big screen for better surveillance. 

Smart Sound Bars 

Those who love to watch action movies and sports would benefit from a smart sound bar. Able to work with Wi-Fi and highly customizable, you can use these along with a subwoofer to take your entertainment to the next level. Even if you don't pair it with a subwoofer, the sound is still phenomenal and grants an incredible user experience. 

Sound bars can be mounted on the wall without interfering with the sound quality and are typically compatible with most devices. Use your smartphone or tablet to control the output and experiment with how it amplifies certain frequencies to give you a true movie-going experience. Every sound bar manufacturer will have its own unique characteristics in how it reacts with certain tones, so test it beforehand to see how it works with more overpowering sounds (e.g., bass, etc). 

Wireless Music System 

A wireless music system will essentially connect to your favorite music apps and make it possible to move music all over the house. So whether you're cleaning, doing yoga or reading, you can use your speakers to give every part of the house a different vibe.

For instance, you might use one of the wireless speakers in the bedroom to set the tone of peace and calm and use another in the basement to make the most of your workout. 

However you consume your entertainment, smart home devices can make it easier to access what you're looking for. A documentary about the planets is going to be that much more interesting with the right sound and picture quality, while a day of organizing the garage will go that much faster when you have the right music at your side. Get into a better entertainment groove by exploring different options in these three core categories.